Sundays 9:00am |  In-Person & Youtube Live

Worship is filled with uplifting music, an inspiring message, children's sermon, Scripture and more. Please join us!
Communion is served the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month.


Prairie Lutheran Church is a vibrant congregation made up of people with diverse beliefs. At our core, what holds us together is Jesus Christ. As a congregation that leans towards a Lutheran core we emphasize grace, forgiveness, and the cross. We also emphasize the evangelical nature of the Gospel. We have a passion for talking about Jesus as real, who is in the world and transforms lives. We embrace both historic Lutheran theology and modern evangelical passion. It is a dance that keeps the congregation moving and dependent by listening to the rhythm of the resurrected God.

Rather than looking for uniformity of belief we emphasize the value of living out our faith in Jesus. We are pragmatic in our beliefs and focus on what we do after we say, ‘I believe’. Our unifying goal is to: Equip everyone with an active and confident faith in Jesus Christ. No matter where you are on your faith journey we invite, encourage and equip you to wear the clothing of Christ.


Mission Statement: (Why we are here) Making Christ known, by building a community of disciples, for mission in the 21st century.

Vision Statement: (Where we’re headed) Our goal is to equip everyone with an active and confident faith!

Core Values: (How we act) Christ centered, Lutheran led, Hospitality heightened, Disciple driven, Mission minded.

Strategies: (What we do) Practice the Biblical Five Holy Habits: Worship, Learning, Serving, Giving and Prayer.

At Prairie Lutheran we are committed to the purpose of making Christ known by building a community of disciples for mission in the 21st century. We accomplish this by focusing on the 5 Holy Habits. These habits are what God’s people have been practicing since the beginning of time. From Abraham and Moses down to Jesus and Paul, the Holy Habits have shaped the lives of faithful people. What are they? The five habits are: Worship, Learning, Serving, Giving and Prayer. They are life changing, life giving and life-long practices that ground you in God’s grace.


Prairie Lutheran Church was first formed in 1977 and has been serving the community for 45 years. We have grown to a congregation of approximately 1,200 members. Prairie Lutheran has a wide variety of programs to offer, yet keeps the close-community feel.