In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.’ Genesis 1:1

From the first verse in scripture we hear the creative character of God. At the end of each day God proclaimed, ‘It is good!’ On the sixth day God created humans in his image. We are by our nature imbued with creative instincts.

At Prairie Lutheran Church we use our creative impulses to glorify God and express our faith. Our congregation is blessed by the God-given talents of musicians, dancers, actors, painters, and poets. We intentionally embrace the arts because as CS Lewis, the great British author stated, ‘The arts wake us up.’

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Here are some ways we enjoy using the arts at PLC:

We enhance our Sunday Worship by using drama, dance, and video weekly.

Dance. A regular way to convey and extend the theme of our worship is through dance. Movement is a key way to express the inexpressible. Recently, dance followed the pastor’s sermon on Jesus’ compelling and healing reach.

The annual Art of Faith event. Once a year a gourmet dinner is hosted that highlights the region of a significant painter. A ‘teach-in’ presentation with projected art work invites participants to enter the art and faith of the artist. Past presentations have included Van Gogh, Michelangelo, Wyeth, and Chagall.

Mural Painting. The renowned muralist, Paul Oman paints ‘live art’ in the sanctuary as the congregation worships on site.

Our Neighbor’s Faith. These summer tours of area houses of worship introduce individuals to the sacred spaces of other religions. We sit and look and listen in the holy surroundings of God’s diverse people.

Experiential Lenten Worship. During the Wednesdays of Lent families and friends are invited to hands on experiences of the mystery and message of Lent.

PLC members teamed together to write curriculum for year long studies authoring books called The Promise, ACTS a call to serve and The Prayer Journal.

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