Art of Faith

There is in every human being a creative urge. Unsurprisingly we read in Genesis 1:26, God’s declaration, “Let us make people in our image!” Therefore, woven into our mortal fibers is the divine DNA; Do New Art. From childhood on we live, and move and have our being in the creative image of God.

At Prairie Lutheran we recognize and celebrate this creative urge. And we learn from those who have excelled in their artistic expressions. Each year Pastor Joel selects one artist to showcase and invite others to expand their viewpoints on faith and life. He works in collaboration with Paul and Sara Rosol to create the annual Art of Faith evening. Together they host a five course gourmet meal that features the food and décor of the featured artist. Reproductions of the art are projected on a wall while Pastor Joel presents the key takeaways of the artist.

The art and cuisine have been international. Some of the featured regions and artists include Vincent Van Gogh – Holland; Carl Larsson – Sweden; Ilya Repin – Russia; Salvador Dali – Spain. The annual Art of Faith evening usually occurs in the Fall and is located in the Great Hall at Prairie Lutheran Church.


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