When Jesus spoke to his disciples he often said, “Follow me!” He loved to show them a
new insight with a new location. We too are able to experience important and inspirational insights when we travel. At Prairie Lutheran Church there are travel opportunities inspired by Jesus’ call to follow. There are two kinds of tours that PLC leads for families and adults:

1. The Footsteps of Faith series. These are trips that retrace the steps of founders of the Christian faith. We have traveled to the Holy Land, Greece & Turkey, Reformation Germany, and Italy.

2. Serving and Learning trips. These mission journeys travel to our Ministry Partners, including India, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

In the coming years there are tours and trips planned to the following destinations:

October, 2019Inspiration and Liberation: England and Normandy. This tour will have
two goals; travel to important sites in England where the Christian faith was inspired
before it immigrated to America. For instance, we will visit the home of CS Lewis where
he wrote the Narnia Chronicles and wrote Mere Christianity. Also, we will visit important WWII sites where the Allied forces liberated the European continent. We will cross the English Channel and walk the beaches of Normandy.
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October, 2020 - Footsteps of Faith – in America
Next year you are invited to join a tour called Footsteps of Faith – in America. This tour
will take place in October, 2020 and will be led by Pastor Joel and his wife Sarah. The
goal of the tour is to retrace the steps and stories of faith in America. We will visit
significant sites where Christianity took root in our country. We will also be mindful of the intersection with other faith traditions and religions. When the first Europeans
arrived on the Atlantic coast, they encountered natives who had their own religious
practices. Moreover, within a decade of the first settlements, people from Africa came
over as slaves and brought with them their spiritual identities.

The tour will begin in our nation’s capitol, Washington DC. There we visit important
memorials and museums that capture the words and witnesses of our ancestors. We
will then travel south to Jamestown and Williamsburg and get a taste of life in the
colonial times. We will pass through Charlottesville and visit Monticello, home of
Thomas Jefferson. Heading north we will spend a day at the Battlefield of Gettysburg,
the site of the second American Revolution. Finally, we arrive in Philadelphia visit
Independence Hall among other important sites.

An informational session will be head at PLC pm Sunday, November 10, 2019 at
10:00am in the sanctuary. Come and learn more about this fun adventure in faith and

February, 2020Faith and Dialogue in India. This tour will take us to the schools and
clinics sponsored by Lutheran Partners in Global ministry. We will visit students, teachers, Drs. and nurses who bring the joy and hope of Christ to this country of nearly one billion people. Prairie Lutheran is deeply invested in South India having built a school dormitory and sponsored numerous boy and girl students.
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June, 2020Healing Haiti Mission Trip.
This week long mission trip will be a life changing experience as you step out in faith and connect with the people of Haiti. From delivering water in Cite Soleil to interacting with a number of orphanages, you will have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the Haitians that you'll encounter. All meals and lodging will be in a secure guest house prepared by Healing Haiti staff. Healing Haiti staff translators will accompany the group on all activities. Contact Lisa Rykken Kastler for more information.
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January, 2021Experience the Holy Land.
This tour is a trip of a life time. Every Christian should make it a priority to visit the land where Jesus lived. The Bible comes alive as you stand where Jesus spoke the words that are recorded in the New Testament. We travel as a community and learn by walking, tasting, reading together and listening to the spirit. It is the most complex and compelling real estate on the face of the earth.
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