Welcome to St. John’s Gospel

Each fall, Prairie Lutheran Church takes a theme to focus our faith. This year our faith community is coming together around the Gospel of St. John. Starting in September, 2017 we will be uncovering the promises of Jesus Christ as presented in this unique telling of the story of our savior. Here is how you can connect and experience blessings of St. John’s Gospel this year:

Attend Sunday worship and hear the Gospel proclaimed in Word, prayer, music, the arts and fellowship.

Join a Small Group to study the Gospel. Faith is strengthened when we join together and dig into God’s Word.

Purchase the St. John Study Guide. We will be using a study guide by the renowned New Testament scholar, NT Wright. Use the link below to order a copy online at Amazon or pick one up at Barnes & Noble at the Eden Prairie Center at 8251 Flying Cloud Dr. #3000, Eden Prairie, MN 55344.

Amazon online here >>>


Read through the entire Gospel during your daily devotions. Reading God’s Word will shed light on your day and prayer.

“The Gospel of John has always been a favorite. At one level it is the simplest of all the Gospels; at another level it is the most profound.

It gives the appearance of being written by someone who was a very close friend of Jesus, and who spent the rest of his life mulling over, more and more deeply, what Jesus had done and said and achieved, praying it through form every angle, and helping others to understand it. Countless people down the centuries have found that, through reading this Gospel, the figure of Jesus becomes real for them, full of light and warmth and promise. It is, in fact, one of the grea books iin the literature of the world.”
From the forward.

I invite you to join in the conversation that will be shaped this year by the Gospel of St. John. Your faith will grow. You will encounter the amazing promises of God come true in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Get ready to be renewed!
Pastor Joel

Join us on a congregation-wide study of the Gospel of John.

Purchase your book today and join one of the PLC study groups.

John Classes

Join a class starting the week of
September 10.
Simply show up and enjoy the learning
and fellowship.

Adult Morning
Led by Kellan Weyer and the Dodges
Sundays at 10:00—10:50 am in LL1

Men’s Evening
Led by Paul Rosol
Wednesdays at 7:00-8:00 pm in LL1

Men’s Morning
Led by Kevin Spanbauer
Fridays at 6:30-7:30 am at
Panera Bread in EP

Women’s Morning
Led by Carol Segersin
Fridays at 9:30-11:00 am in Fireside Room

Or contact
to start your own!